Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Bio, Brian Cramer Red Carpet Photography

On one of the last days of 1996 Brian Cramer picked up his first digital camera at a local Best Buy. The camera was fairly large, very slow and used floppy disks for film, but he was hooked.
Brian came to work with an event production company connected with the PGA Tour after a few years of living in phoenix I made several connections with several large events in town such as the phoenix open Barrett Jackson and the insight bowl I have covered numerous pga tour, lpga tour, collage bowl games, fashion shows, the super bowl and Celebrity fight night.
For the past 10 years, Brian has fully devoted his attention and skills towards the art of photography. Brian uncanny, “second nature” sense of composition and understanding of light, delivers technically great photos. But it’s his unique understanding and real-world experiences together with “heart and soul” devotion to his work that takes this visual medium to the level of true art that many photographers aspire to but seldom achieve.
Covering golf and collage football bowl games as a photographer it makes you think quickly on his feet, to adapt to changing light and angles, and to be comfortable sitting in the hot sun, the pouring rain, or on the red carpet. Covering fashion shows, believe it or not, presents similar challenges especially when attempting a more subtle, less in your face, photojournalistic approach.
It is possible to run into Brian without a camera. He is an avid golfer, enjoys billiards and sand volleyball Texas Holden and spends much too much money expanding his own private golf memobilia collection.
Brian’s photos have been published on numerous websites and in publications including

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